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✨2023 Journey’s Wrap-Up

Hello everyone,

This is the season to celebrate our first Christmas together! Let’s take a joyful moment to reflect on the awesome nine months we’ve spent together. We’re super proud of all the incredible things we’ve achieved with you, our fantastic community 🎮🎄.


Our prior experience with the game gave us the edge to implement changes swiftly. The payoff? The game has been on a growth spurt since we took charge, and we’re thrilled to contribute to it. Buckle up because we have no plans to hit the brakes – the journey of reshaping the world of Teos is only getting started, and we’re doing it hand in hand with you!

  • We dealt with over 200 DDoS attacks on our game servers, a crazy ride at first, but we’re thrilled to say we held our ground. Although we still encounter some sporadically, we’ve become pros at blocking them. The game boasts an impressive 98% uptime since we sorted out these issues for good, especially addressing a persistent problem with the LATAM/Spanish server.
  • Resolved annoying Game Client freezes, ensuring smoother gameplay during Shaiya’s epic PvP moments. No more pointing your camera at the ground during crowded scenes! While there’s room for improvement, the game runs seamlessly, even on some low-tier computers.
  • Achieved unity by merging all servers into one, fostering invaluable connections between diverse communities and resolving long-standing issues, like the Orange Stats disparities.
  • Launched the initial phase of a new economy, introducing fresh currencies that give real value to in-game gold. New tokens and exclusive items are now attainable through farming. While there’s more work ahead, the foundation is set, and we’re in a much better position for the future.
  • Identified and resolved nearly a dozen game vulnerabilities deeply embedded in the game, safeguarding not just the game but its economy and, most importantly, our community. Conducted extensive investigations, leading to the ban of hundreds of accounts that had been causing widespread harm for years. Our commitment to the safety and well-being of our community remains unwavering.
  • Manually recovered hundreds of accounts for players who lost their access codes, ensuring everyone can get back into the game.
  • Implemented +40 different patches (visible and not), incorporating high-end items into drops, seasonal content, and revamping the GRB system, among other community-suggested features. We also tackled +100 bugs, some of which had lingered in the game for too long.

Curious about what’s on the horizon for 2024’s first quarter? Brace yourselves!

  • We’re committed to simplifying the game economy and bridging the gap between old and new players. Get ready for an array of additions, including items to the tokens system, drops in all in-game content, and specially crafted content for our new players.
  • We noticed a good chunk of users from Turkey, and we’re thrilled to announce that a Turkish localization, covering approximately 80% of the game, is on the way. While some elements will remain in English, the most crucial parts will be accessible in Turkish.
  • Ever dreamt of unlocking portals to other worlds by winning GRB? Well, it’s happening! But the journey won’t be a walk in the park. You’ll need to craft keys using thousands of droppable materials. Control the portal, but remember, contributing to the other members of Teos is the key to stepping through – paying or making favors; the decision is yours.

All these exciting changes stem from your suggestions, there’s even more on the horizon!

Last Chaos

If you thought Shaiya’s ride was wild, you can’t imagine Last Chaos. It was in much worse shape, and we didn’t have the internal knowledge to handle it as we wished. Our knowledge was up to being able to set up the migration process and spin up the game again.

Financially speaking, the game wasn’t profitable for us during the initial months, but after giving it some love, we noticed an almost doubled amount of users than initially, together with the revenue uplift coming from it. We made a bet with the game, and it’s paying off – we are glad to see it flying again; it is a sign of going in the right direction.

  • Navigated financial and legal challenges to bring onboard experts, overcoming hurdles to ensure our team is now equipped with top-notch knowledge. It took a while, but they’re now steering the ship, and what a journey it’s been!
  • Smoothed out a pesky login issue that used to act up when the player count soared, even with channel switches. No more waiting for manual fixes; now, login servers respond seamlessly.
  • Fixed a super old client exploit that some mischievous players exploited to kick others out of the game. We’ve got your back against the troublemakers!
  • Unearthed and patched nearly a dozen game vulnerabilities, fortifying the game, its economy, and our close-knit community. We’ve banned those causing chaos for years – your safety is our priority!
  • Rolled out +15 patches, focusing on nailing those persistent bugs and spicing things up with revamped events for Christmas and Halloween. Fun times ahead!
  • Revamped our internal toolkit for creating future content. We barely had the tools we needed, so we crafted some essentials to ensure exciting game content down the line.

Behind the scenes, we’ve been hard at work gearing up for the exciting challenges ahead. While you might not have seen the action on the front lines, rest assured that our efforts have left the game in better shape, primed for the adventures yet to unfold!

Curious about what’s on the horizon for 2024’s first quarter? Brace yourselves!

  • Get ready for a multi-language client! Access the game in any language with a single installation, allowing us to produce and release content quickly. No more separate patches for each language – it’s all in one place!
  • Smooth Transition: Say goodbye to code-related headaches. Just like with Shaiya, we’ll personally assist players who lost their codes, ensuring a seamless return to the enchanting world of Iris.
  • Shifting gears towards content and your awesome suggestions! Beyond fixing major issues, it’s time to dive into the content realm, especially for our high-end players. Your ideas shared in the Discord forums will take center stage.
  • We’ve been cooking up a secret and massive surprise that we’re sure you’ll love. While we can’t spill all the details yet, it’s been brewing behind the scenes as part of our backstage work. We aren’t sure if it will be ready in the first quarter, but stay tuned for the big reveal!

As we wrap up an incredible nine months, your steadfast support has fueled our journey. Together, we’ve overcome challenges, celebrated victories, and witnessed our games flourishing with a growing community.

Wishing you a joyful Christmas filled with health, happiness, and heartwarming moments! Merry Christmas! 🎄✨🎉

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