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Guild(s) and Guild Ranking Battle Update

guild ranking battle updates

We are excited to announce the latest patch that introduces several new features and improvements to enhance the guilds’ experience. Here are the key changes in the applied patch:

Guild Changes

  • New guilds can now be created with only two players, allowing for smaller groups to form and compete
  • Upon creating a guild, you will have instant access to the guild house as a test. However, to retain ownership of the house, your guild must be in the top 75 rankings and pay its maintenance fees
  • For existing guilds, the process of purchasing a guild house and gaining instant access has been streamlined. There is no longer a waiting period of 7 days
  • Please, note that the Guild Warehouse feature is still disabled for storing items. We are actively working on fixing the encountered bug

Guild Ranking Battle Update

The Guild Ranking Battle system has been reworked to provide a more challenging and engaging experience.

  • Bosses in the Guild Ranking Battle are now tougher and require teamwork to defeat. They can only be attacked by players with a level difference of less than 5. For example, Sirvana is level 15 and can be attacked by players between levels 10 and 20
  • There are several bosses at different levels: Sirvana (level 15), Kailion and Silvanus (level 30), Pantera (level 60), Eiphilos (level 75), and Old Willow (level 80)
  • All bosses drop Boss Mystery Boxes containing valuable prizes, a mystery box with potions, and special mount vouchers
  • Monsters within the Guild Ranking Battle also have the same level of restrictions for attack
  • The points obtained for killing bosses and monsters have been adjusted for improved balance
  • Monsters can now drop Etin in different quantities: 1 Etin, 10 Etin, 100 Etin, or Etain potions

Server Maps

  • We appreciate and value player feedback regarding the new maps introduced earlier. Based on your feedback, we have temporarily removed these maps from the game and reviewed their implementation of them after the final merge

Bug Fixing and Improvements

  • Battle runes have undergone a description and icon update to provide clearer information about which rank each one corresponds to. This update has been made in preparation for the upcoming implementation of the battle rune for the new silver rank. Now, players can easily identify and understand the functionality of each battle rune based on its description and icon.
  • Copper token drop rates have been increased in PvE maps, providing more opportunities to acquire these valuable tokens.
  • PvP maps, including Proelium, Cantabilian, Deep Desert 1, Kanos, Canon of Greed, Spa Maps, and Void, now offer a double chance to obtain copper tokens.
  • Deep Desert 1 has received a general drop improvement, allowing you to find similar drops as in D-Water
  • The Dayfly Guard skill is now tab-only across all skill levels
  • The Potent Force skill’s description has been fixed to accurately reflect its function

We hope these changes and improvements will enhance your experience and provide new challenges and rewards for your guild battles. Enjoy the patch, and happy gaming!

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