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Teos’ Scorching Sands Festival Arrived

Exciting additions and improvements have been introduced to enhance your gameplay experience. Here’s a breakdown of the key changes:

Fixes and Improvements

  • Kanos Monsters and Relics Update: Their levels have been adjusted, with increases ranging from 5 to 7 levels. This adjustment now enables players at level 80 to effectively farm in this area, providing new opportunities for exploration and progression.
  • Tokens Display: Tokens are now visibly displayed in your inventory. This change streamlines your resource management and helps you keep track of your tokens more easily.

Summer Patch

  • Sunstrand Beach PvP Map: The map includes distinct security measures, safe zones for both factions and level restrictions for fairness. These level restrictions are set at intervals: 10-15, 20-30, 50-60, and 70-80. Furthermore, players are unable to summon or move characters from outside the designated maps. High-level buffs are automatically removed upon entry.
    To facilitate access, Gate Keepers can be found in Boltagate.
  • Blazing Sunforge PvP Dungeon
  • New Raid Bosses: Prepare for epic battles against two new raid bosses, Tempestia and Solanar. These bosses are located on Sunstrand Beach and Blazing Sunforge, respectively. Rally your allies and venture forth to conquer these formidable foes.
  • Daily Quests: Engage in a variety of daily quests to earn rewards and contribute to the summer festivities.
    • Help Marina Sunwhisper gather the Essence of the Sun from monsters in Sunstrand Beach to earn Sunfire Embers Fragments.
    • Assist Captain Kai Stormsurge in eliminating rival faction members for more Sunfire Embers Fragments.
    • Collect 6 Sunfire Embers Fragments and exchange them with Elysia Emberwing for a Sunfire Hoard.
    • Finally, team up with Selene Sunwarden and your allies to defeat the new raid bosses and claim another Sunfire Hoard.
  • New Summer Mistery Box – Sunfire Hoard: This box offers a chance to obtain vanity items with durations of 1 day, 30 days, or even permanently.

Echoes of the Void – Unraveling the Energy’s Source

The ongoing storyline of the “Echoes of the Void” continues, now the ravages of the Void’s energy spreading into Proelium.

  • Void Expert’s Arrival in Proelium: aid the Void Expert in gathering information about a newly-invaded boss known as Abyssal.
  • The Tyros robots, which have been an ongoing threat in Proelium, have retreated to the safety of the Infinite Sanctuary.
  • The Void’s energy has completely obliterated the relics in the Canyon of Greed.
  • With the relics in the Canyon of Greed now gone, Opalus portals have opened up permanently.
  • The Void’s energy has driven away most monsters from the Canyon of Greed. However, the bosses still remain, for now.
  • Other Void Experts continue their travels, investigating the impact of the Void’s energy across the realm.

Embark on new quests, engage in exciting battles, and uncover the mysteries of the Void in this update.

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