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🏆Guild Realms Battlegrounds

Greetings, Adventurers! We’re excited to unveil the Guild Realm Battlegrounds update, introducing a new layer of challenge and camaraderie to your guild adventures. Explore the new six portals leading to formidable boss encounters. Each portal is segmented by level, offering diverse challenges for your guild.

  • Level 10/15: Polly, Abyssal, Raptor Hunters, Hels Servant Alfsigr, and Radek.
  • Level 16/30: Candy, VoidShade, Raptor Hunters, Hels Servant Tero, and Haduwig.
  • Level 31/60: Keizah, Ebonrift, Raptor Hunters, Hels Servant Dagur, and Amleth.
  • Level 61/80: Karamel, Utya, Opalus, Fume, and Uvagoz.
  • Level 80: Eternal Jewelry Crafting Advancement with Kyo, Valthig, Midnight, Athelstan, Erlik, and Pandora.
  • Level 80: Elemental Map with Ales, Secreta, Dentatus, and Lumen.

Bosses in Guild Realm Battlegrounds contribute to quests and events and have the same drop as their counterparts in the outer world. While the open-world bosses are more accessible, you will be able to do them exclusively with your guild members by collecting Mystic Guild Keys.

Mystic Guild Key

To access the Guild Realm Battlegrounds you will need to craft your Mystic Guild Key by collecting 200 Guild Emblems obtainable over several methods or simply purchasing them from other players, opening a new interesting item to trade with.

Some of the ways you can obtain Guild Emblems:

  • Drops in the GRB map, also necessary to unlock the Guild House.
  • Completing daily PvP quests in Karis and Raigo castles and some other places.
  • Obtaining Tokens, and purchasing Guild Emblems from the Token Vendor.
Guild Emblem
Mystic Guild Key

These emblems are tradeable, and the key can be stored in the Warehouse.

Key Activation and Guild Realm Access

  • Save your active key for Saturdays between 16 and 18 UTC when Guild Realm Battlegrounds open.
  • Stay on the map while your key is active; upon expiration, you’ll be teleported to Boltagate.
  • The Guild Realm anteroom portal is located in your Guild House, always open for alliances of 5 to 30 players.

Battleground Entry

To access each battleground, ensure your key is active, form a party or raid with 5 to 30 players, and be cautious as the key lasts only two hours. You will need to decide where you want to go and the challenges you want to overcome. Plan your raid and incursion strategy, since you will have a limited time to accomplish your adventure.

Crafting and PvP Quests

  • Craft your Mystic Guild Key by consulting Eldrion the Enigmatic near the Guild Realm anteroom portal on each Guild House.
  • Talk to Captain Valeria daily in Proelium, Cantabilian, DD1, D-Water, Kanos, and Stable Erde for PvP quests and Guild Emblem rewards.

Beta Stage and Feedback

This update is in a beta stage, and players are encouraged to explore the new Guild Dungeon. Please be aware that encountering bugs is possible. We will be collecting all the information provided by players to improve the new dungeon. Share your feedback in our Discord. Your input is invaluable!

Prepare yourselves for an epic journey, and may your guild stand united against the challenges that await!

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