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💥Initial Player Experience Improvements

We’re thrilled to announce some major improvements in the upcoming patch, aimed at making your gaming experience even more captivating.

Here’s a closer look at the latest changes:

Initial Player Experience Improvements

  • 10% Increase in Gold Drop: Expect a more prosperous journey as we boost the gold drop from all monsters across all maps.
  • 10% Increase in Gold Selling Price: Your hard-earned items will fetch you even more, with a 10% increase in their selling price.
  • 20% Reduction in Buy Price of Potions: To make essential items more accessible, we’ve reduced the buy price of some of the most commonly used potions by 20%.
  • 8% Increase in Monster Experience: Leveling up is now more rewarding, thanks to an 8% increase in experience gained from battling monsters.

Scroll Quest Revamp

  • Map 1 (Cornwell and Argila Ruin Level 20-30): Scroll quests in this range have been fine-tuned, requiring a bit more monster hunting while offering the same rewarding experience.
  • Map 2 (Fedion and Kalamus, Level 30-40): Brace yourselves for entirely new quests in these areas, providing diverse challenges for players in the level 30-40 range.
  • Map 3 (Stigma and Aurizen, Level 50-60): Explore brand new scroll quests designed specifically for levels 50-60, featuring unique objectives and generous rewards.

Bug Fixing and Improvements

  • Kindred Spirit Item name Duration Fix: We’ve corrected the duration for the Kindred Spirit Item name to ensure accuracy.
  • Snarler Mount Freeze Investigation: Addressing reported issues, we’ve made changes to the Snarler mount to mitigate freezing problems. We appreciate your patience as we conduct further live testing.
  • Item Faction Change Expansion: Added new items to the Item Faction Change feature, allowing Legendary Eltaphen to convert into Legendary Barbed Guard Shield and Lvl 14 Heroic Lightning Bow into Heroic Piercing Javelin, in all their variants.
  • Castle Karis Safe Zone Adjustment: The safe zone in Castle Karis has been refined to cover only the main part, removing the safe zone from the outside walls.

As usual, if you have any questions or feedback, we are approachable via Discord.


🕹️❤️ Fawkes’ Team

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