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Last Chaos – Release Date & Others

opening time last chaos

Greetings Castle Siegers,

Our team has been working vigorously for the last few days to prepare the game for its release, and we are thrilled to announce that we are aiming for opening the servers on Friday, 24th of March, during the evening. The exact time will be disclosed soon.

We also took the chance of having the game offline, to work towards internal changes and improvements which will help the game in the long run, allowing us to provide a better focus and simplifying the operational needs for the game:

New Realms

Everything will be now structured within 2 different regions:

  • Europe, with 2 realms
  • North America, with 1 realm

All the previous realms will be merged into those, based on their opening time.

A huge amount of the players were playing within the same realm using different accounts, so shouldn’t be affected. You already received different codes, for each of your accounts, and you should be able to retrieve the progress as it was and play in one of the newly defined realms, as you were doing in the past.

For the ones that had several characters in the same account within merged realms, you will receive a new code inside the in-game gift store section, as you did in the past, and you will have the chance to recover the missing characters by creating a new Fawkes’ Account, and following the same migration process you did initially, with this new code and account.

⚠️Don’t claim the gift – we won’t be able to provide a new code. Make sure you store it safely.

Moving forward, we will open a permanent paid service to move your characters between different realms in the same region as you consider, giving you the freedom to decide where and with whom to play.

Help us decide the 💌new-realms names – we created a Discord channel for that!

Guild, Characters, and Pets name changes

You will also receive in the same place (gift section within the store), gifts for changing your Guild, Characters, and Pet names. Those will be limited to the number of guilds, characters, and pets within the given account. If you had to create a new account to retrieve those extra characters, the gifts will be there.

Pay careful attention to what you claim and/or take from the store. They will be mixed in the same list as with the codes. Again, don’t claim your code – copy and store it in a safe place since it will be required to recover the rest of the characters.

Account Improvements

We also took this opportunity to work towards unifying how the game interacts with our accounts system. We can’t disclose much, but just be aware that;

⚠️You will need to change your password once the game is available in order to access.

Day-1 Patch

We are aware of certain technical flaws the game has, and that were heavily impacting it in the past, and are working on adding 2 experienced persons to the Fawkes team who will be working towards creating content and securing the gameplay experience we want to provide.

We hope we can finalize our agreement, and onboard them as soon as possible.

In the meantime, we will be working with them this week in an advisory role, for creating a day-1 patch addressing a common crash issue and hardening certain flaws impacting the game economy.

Opening #Epic-Party!

And last but not least, remember that we are planning an Opening Party for the community. Don’t miss the chance to suggest what you would like to see in our Discord channel, #🎉epic-party.


Fawkes Team

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