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Last Chaos development and future

last chaos developers

Reinforcements Arrival!

We are excited to announce that Last Chaos is welcoming two new developers to the Fawkes team! As we mentioned in our previous news, these talented individuals will be exclusively dedicated to developing Last Chaos. Their official start date is July 17th, and we are thrilled to have them on board.

Before they can dive into their tasks, there are a few things we would like our players to keep in mind. Once they join, they will need some time to settle in and familiarize themselves with the structure. They will begin by reviewing the comprehensive list of bugs provided by our Game Sages (GS). This will help them identify priorities and determine what can be addressed more quickly. However, please understand that resolving these issues will require some time – it won’t be done from one day to another.

Rest assured, in a relatively short span, you can expect to see patches and updates arriving to Last Chaos. We are confident that their expertise and dedication will lead to significant improvements to our beloved game.

Some of the short-term actions on the table:

  • Addressing some of the current in-game issues impacting everyone’s experience, such as the occasional login issues or disappearing pets
  • Bringing back certain systems such as Pet Transferring, Guild Storage, Character Transfer…
  • Improving the game market, especially in Osiris
  • Fixing events that are not working, and bringing new ones
  • Optimizing the balance between PvE and PvP stats, damage, and skills

And much more in the future, as a multi-language client or new sieges and dungeons.


We would also like to address the migration issues that some players had faced. We understand that missing characters, items in the shop, pets, and other related concerns have caused frustration and inconvenience. Please be assured that all the information collected through the forms has been forwarded to the responsible person in charge. They are meticulously reviewing each case individually, which is why it is taking longer than expected.

As a reminder, the majority of the issues are on a user level. Please, make sure you ran the entire process properly. If you need some assistance, you can head to our discord. The link will show you what to do.

We sincerely appreciate your patience and understanding during this process. We genuinely value your commitment and loyalty to Last Chaos, and we want to ensure the best possible gaming experience for all players.

Stay tuned for further updates, and thank you for your continued support.

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