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Migration Information

If you are arriving to this page, it's because you are aware of the Last Chaos and Shaiya service transfer from Gamigo to Fawkes, and you have the possibility t o transfer your progress from Gamigo.  

We are delighted to have the opportunity to license the operations for both games, providing the best service and updates we can to those legendary games and communities.

 The most important thing to do, is to make sure you have (and don't share!) your unique code from Gamigo.

Migration Steps


Get your Unique Code

Gamigo Support 

Make sure you receive your Unique Code from Gamigo.

Don't share it!


Fawkes' Account

Accounts' Page   

As simple as going into our accounts' page and follow the sign-up process.


Migrate Progress

Migration Page ​ 

Log into your account head into the account management page.

Last Chaos:
Check here.


Download & Play

Fawkes' Hub 

Download our Fawkes' Hub, and get instant access to all our drops and games.

 Last Chaos is not available yet. Read more here or jump directly into discord - we will throw a party! 🥳

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About Fawkes

We are a very young and Indie company, created in June 2022, to provide services for the gaming industry, and in this case, we will take over the Operations for Shaiya and Last Chaos from Gamigo; from support or community, to development or infrastructure.

Individually, we have been working in the industry for about 10 years on average, touching all the possible aspects from publishing games - we have Game Engineers, Designers, Artists, Product Managers, Data Analysts, QA Managers, etc. ready to support the upcoming games.

You can expect from us to treat your game well, listen to the community, and get constant communications from our side, so you know what’s happening. We also play games, and our priority is to provide the best experience we possibly can.

Players are the centre of all we have done, and rest assured, it will keep being the case.

Learn a bit more about us on our website, or directly join discord to get the chat started.

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