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🌲Christmas Update⛄ – Frosty Dominion arrived

Welcome to Frosty Dominion, brave adventurer! In the heart of our winter wonderland, a heartwarming tradition has emerged—the Gingersnap Exchange. As snow blankets the landscape, the scent of freshly baked Generous Gingersnaps fills the air, symbolizing the spirit of generosity that defines our festive realm.

This season, however, the generosity of Frosty Dominion will face a unique challenge. The winter winds whisper tales of an enchanting exchange, where the sincerity of hearts will be put to the test. Will you rise to the occasion, spreading warmth and kindness by exchanging these magical treats, or will the challenge of generosity be your ultimate test? Brace yourself for a journey where the sweetness of Gingersnaps meets the challenge of true generosity in the snowy expanses of Frosty Dominion.

New PvE and PvP Maps

Explore the enchanting landscapes of Frosty Dominion, featuring dedicated zones for resource farming for each faction. Keep your wits about you, as these maps are PvP-enabled, offering both risk and reward.

The Gatekeepers to Frosty Dominion have relocated to Boltagate, which is now adorned in festive Christmas spirit. Approach them to embark on your journey into the winter wonderland.

New Quests and Daily Quests

Embark on thrilling adventures with our latest quests, designed to challenge your skills and immerse you in the season’s spirit. Stay engaged with daily quests, providing challenges every day for continuous excitement.

New Quest to Obtain Generous Wings

Immerse yourself in a tale of generosity and magic. Journey through snow-covered paths, overcome challenges and collect essential ingredients to craft the Generous Wings. This majestic reward awaits those who demonstrate both valor and generosity.

  • Generous Wings Lv.1+5 in all stats and can be dyed
  • Generous Wings Lv.61+10 in all stats and can be dyed

New Monsters and Bosses

New Bosses with High-Value Drops

Brave the heart of Frosty Dominion’s PvP area to face formidable new bosses. These guardians hold high-value drops, promising adventurers the allure of untold riches. Engage in epic battles, emerge victorious, and seize your well-earned spoils.

Encounter mysterious and festive creatures across the winter landscapes of Frosty Dominion. Defeat these new challenges to unveil their secrets and claim the rewards they offer to the bold.

New Vanity Items

  • Powerful Generous Wings Lv.1: Boost your prowess with +7 in all stats. These wings are not only stylish but also customizable with dye.
  • Powerful Generous Wings Lv.61: Elevate your power to new heights with +15 in all stats. Dye them to match your style, and the best part? They are recreable, allowing you to adjust your wings as your journey progresses.
  • Powerful Magnanimous Wings Lv.1: For those seeking a balance of defense, these wings offer +10 m.def and +10 f.def. Dye them to your liking, but remember, they are not recreable.
  • Powerful Magnanimous Wings Lv.61: For the truly stalwart, these wings provide +150 m.def and +150 f.def. Like their Lv.1 counterparts, they can be dyed but not recreable. Stand firm, defender of Frosty Dominion!
  • Kindred Spirit: Enhance your stats with a +25 in all stats and scalable recreation, ensuring you remain fashion-forward on all your adventures.

Known Issue(s):

  • High-level buffs are not removed while accessing the new maps.

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