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A Unified Future – FAQ

Hello everyone,

We recently published some news summarizing last week’s achievements and some other topics, especially the Unification – where we plan to put all the servers in the same place. This obviously raised many questions, which we would like to clarify in more detail.

Before we get into the Frequently Asked Questions, it’s imperative to go over the timelines once more. In this case, we will also point out what it means for each of the servers, and what you need to keep into account.

Timelines, once more!

As an initial clarification for the rest of our news, you will have the origin and destination servers. The origin server will be the one being moved, and the destination server will be the one receiving all those moving players. If you want to read more details, please, head to the main news.

1️⃣ EUINT (Origin) + USINT (Destination) = INT

08th of May, 2023

Nothing to worry about.Nothing to worry about.Nothing to worry about.Nothing to worry about.Destination server, nothing to worry about.Origin server, you will need to empty Bank and Auction House.

2️⃣ Boltagate: Orange Stats

11th (or 18th) of May, 2023

The new Orange Stats system will be in place for all the regions. You will find the new NPCs in Boltagate, near the robot that teleports you to the old auction house map, where the older NPCs are.

In general, our goal is to have everyone on the same playing field, and starting with this update, you will be able to use the new items to get your gear up to the new standards. We will go deeper into this topic with some specific news.

3️⃣ Boltagate: Copper, Silver, Gold, and Diamond vendors

18th of May (or 25th) of May, 2023

New vendors will be available in Boltagate, selling many necessary items for you to progress in the game, giving the players who focus on farming, and with some effort, a chance to be competitive. They will be selling from Recreation Runes or basic lapises, to Resurrection Runes or low-tier armor and weapons.

They will be asking for a new currency, in different versions (Copper, Silver, Gold, and Diamond). You will be able to obtain those new coins by following the daily events, killing mobs on any map, or specific bosses. The higher the difficulty, the higher the reward.

4️⃣ INT (Origin) + ES (Destination), and EU (Origin) + US (Destination)

18th of May, 2023

Destination server, nothing to worry about.Origin server, you will need to empty Bank and Auction House.Destination server, nothing to worry about.Nothing to worry about.Origin server, you will need to empty Bank and Auction House.

4️⃣ PT (Origin) + ES (Destination)

1st of June, 2023

US (+ old EU players)ES (+ old INT players)❗❗ PT ❗❗
Nothing to worry about.Destination server, nothing to worry about.Origin server, you will need to empty Bank and Auction House.

4️⃣ Final Unification

Early July 2023

❗❗ US (+ old EU players) ❗❗ES (+ old INT and PT players)
Origin server, you will need to empty Bank and Auction House before the final date.Destination server, nothing to worry about.

Unification FAQ

Character and Guild renaming, tags, etc.

We will be changing the name of all the characters and guilds, adding a tag to all of them, composed by their original server followed by their name in the respective server (example: ‘[US]Sam’). This is done to avoid data corruption due to duplicities between regions.

During the process of unifying servers, we will grant several non-tradeable name-changing stones, so you can change your character(s) name whenever you consider. You can also keep your tag since it might be one of the very few times you could opt to have one.

The non-tradeable stones will be wiped out after the final unification.

Cleaning Banks and Auction House

We have to ask players in the origin server, to avoid data corruption with the destination server.

If you don’t remove those items, you will lose them – there is no way for us to recover those since that data will be forever gone. For the temporary costumes, you have the in-game Dasher’s Cauldron to exchange them for permanent costumes.

If you also have +10 30d versions from the same costume/pet/mount, you can also open a ticket – we will remove them and give you the permanent version. Keep in mind that this is only possible during the 30 days after the origin server has been moved to the destination server. You need to keep them in the same character’s inventory, one next to the other and we will deliver it to the bank.

1d, 7d, and 15d vanity items will be lost.

Old Services placeholders

All the placeholders for older Orange Stats services will remain operative until the final unification day, in early July 2023. You will be able to use them as you are used to, going to the respective robot in Boltagate, and moving to the old services map.

By the Unification Day, only the new ones will be available and the NPCs for those specific services, will be available in the same place as the robot.

After the unification day, the robot, together with the old Orange Stats services and their placeholders will be completely removed from the game. You have several months to make use of them.

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