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Game Opening Time

Dear Shaiya players,

We have some exciting news to share with you! Our servers will be opening on February 28th at 7 pm CET, and we can’t wait to welcome you back to the game. You can check your local time here.

As we prepare for the server opening, we want to let you know about some important changes that will take place during the migration process.

We want to start by thanking you for your understanding as we reset your points of stats and skills to zero, remember you will be able to redeem them again in your Stats and Skills window and also in the PvP manager. This will help ensure a fair and balanced playing field for everyone, and we believe it will make the game even more exciting and enjoyable for all.

We also want to assure you that we’re committed to protecting your privacy during the migration process. To that end, we’ll be anonymizing your name and guild name and deleting your friend list, and block list.

We want to remind you of the steps you need to take to ensure a smooth migration.

  1. Firstly, make sure to get your Token from Gamigo. If you haven’t received it yet, please contact Gamigo Customer Support by ticket
  2. Next, create an account on the Accounts page if you haven’t already done so
  3. Once you have your Token, be sure to input it into the Migration page on your Account page. This will enable us to transfer all your data to the new servers seamlessly
  4. Finally, download our launcher Fawkes Hub, which will give you access to the game itself

If you need any support along the way, don’t hesitate to join our Discord, we have staff members who are always happy to help.

You can find more information about the migration process on the Migration page and more information about the game.

We’re looking forward to seeing you on the new servers soon. Thank you for your continued support and enthusiasm for the game.


:fawkes: Fawkes’ Team

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