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Massive Scale PvP

Join the Dark or Light forces and emerge victorious in massive scale combats.

Difficulty Modes

Go ultimate-mode and prove yourself against permanent death.

Goddess' Blessing

Fight for faction-wide buffs that affects everyone, even if you don't like PvP!

Fantasy-themed MMORPG with intense, faction-based combat and strategic gameplay.

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🛡Enchant System and Skill balance

Greetings Adventurers, We are excited to announce the latest patch, that includes significant changes to the enchant system and various skill …

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🎉Fawkes Games Anniversary!

Dears players, Celebrate with Us the Anniversary of Shaiya and Last Chaos at Fawkes! In March, we commemorate a significant milestone here at…

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🐇Easter Patch: Help the Easter Bunny!

Calling All Shaiya Adventurers! We need your bravery, your skill, and your unwavering determination! The Easter Bunny, our beloved symbol of joy…

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🏆Guild Realms Battlegrounds

Greetings, Adventurers! We're excited to unveil the Guild Realm Battlegrounds update, introducing a new layer of challenge and camaraderie to your …

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💖Valentine's Day Patch💖

Dear Players, Love is in the air, and so is a brand new patch! Get ready to dive into the Valentine's Day festivities with a ton of heartwarming…

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💥Initial Player Experience Improvements

We're thrilled to announce some major improvements in the upcoming patch, aimed at making your gaming experience even more captivating. Here's …

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✨2023 Journey's Wrap-Up

Hello everyone, This is the season to celebrate our first Christmas together! Let's take a joyful moment to reflect on the awesome nine months …

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🌲Christmas Update⛄ - Frosty Dominion arrived

Welcome to Frosty Dominion, brave adventurer! In the heart of our winter wonderland, a heartwarming tradition has emerged—the Gingersnap Exchange. …

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Economy Update 1️⃣

Dear Shaiya players, We have been doing a lot since we took over Shaiya 6 months ago, such as sorting the client freezes, server stability, …

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Halloween Patch 🎃 Enchanted Hollow!

Greetings, courageous heroes of Shaiya! The chilling winds of Halloween have swept through the world of Shaiya, bringing with them an exciting …

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Unleash Elemental Power in Fourfold Depths!

Exciting news has just washed ashore with the arrival of Captain Sable Thorn and his intrepid crew. They regale us with tales of their latest …

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Unification and Echoes of the Void Update Patch

Step into a revitalized gaming experience with our latest patch We have listened closely to your input, we're addressing key concerns: We've…

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Shaiya's Unification & Grand Changes

Dear Teos' Champions, In the last months, we have been unifying regions, together with many other changes, to bring a bright future to Shaiya - …

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Echoes of the Void: Unraveling the Energy's Source Patch

We are excited to announce the latest patch that introduces new content and improvements. Improvements and Bug Fixes Fleet Foot Changes …

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Guild(s) and Guild Ranking Battle Update

We are excited to announce the latest patch that introduces several new features and improvements to enhance the guilds' experience. Here are the …

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AFK and Server maps patch

AFK Debuff To ensure fair gameplay in PvP maps, we have implemented a new debuff known as the AFK debuff. If a player is found to be AFK …

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Tokens Update Patch

This patch brings several exciting additions, improvements, and bug fixes to the game, making it even more immersive and enjoyable. Here are the …

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Recreation GM patch

Breaking News for Shaiya's community! Exciting Patch Introduces Recreation System and Fixes! Attention all Shaiya players! We are thrilled to …

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A Unified Future - Orange Stats

Hello everyone, we recently published some news, aiming to disclose our plans for the game, unifying all the regions into a single server, …

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A Unified Future - FAQ

Hello everyone, We recently published some news summarizing last week's achievements and some other topics, especially the Unification - where …

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Shaiya: A Unified Future

“We are each other’s harvest; we are each other’s business; we are each other’s magnitude and bond.” – Gwendolyn Brooks.  Dear Shaiya …

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Character Restoration Service In-game

We have great news for you. Our new feature, Character Restore, is now available in-game. You can now bring your characters back to life if they …

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Easter Patch and Item transfer

Attention Shaiya players, We would like to inform you that a maintenance period will take place on Thursday, April 6th, starting at 8 AM UTC …

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Parallel Migration Method

Dear Shaiya players, We would like to address an issue that some of you may have encountered during the migration process of your Shaiya …

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Enhancements to our Accounts Page

We are thrilled to announce that our team has been working tirelessly to improve our accounts page to make it more user-friendly and efficient. We …

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Shaiya is Open

Dear Shaiya players, We're thrilled to announce that the servers are now open and ready for you to join us on a new adventure! We want to …

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Game Opening Time

Dear Shaiya players, We have some exciting news to share with you! Our servers will be opening on February 28th at 7 pm CET, and we can't wait …

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Gamigo Migration

We are excited to announce the migration process for our games. In order to ensure a smooth and seamless transition, we would like to provide you …

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Abyss' King

Q3 2024

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