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AFK and Server maps patch

AFK Debuff

To ensure fair gameplay in PvP maps, we have implemented a new debuff known as the AFK debuff. If a player is found to be AFK (away from the keyboard) in a PvP map, this debuff will be applied. The debuff lasts for 15 minutes and activates after 5 minutes of being AFK.

The AFK debuff prevents players from earning kills through their own raid or party, as well as shared kills between raids. Additionally, it disables the possibility of using most skills. The debuff cannot be removed using healers’ dispel, skill transformation, or relogging. If you log off while under the debuff, the timer will pause and continue once you log in again.

The AFK debuff is ONLY applicable to the following maps:

  • Proelium
  • Cantabilian
  • Deep Desert
  • Kanos
  • D-water
  • Cannon of greed
  • Stadium maps (PvP 15, 30, 60, and 80)
  • Spa maps (PvP 15, 30, 60, and 80)
  • The Void

If you need to leave AFK your character, you can do it in the rest of the PvE or Market maps.

NOTE: The AFK debuff was removed after collecting players feedback.

Exclusive PvP Maps

We have added new maps like Kanos, which are exclusive to certain servers. The Kanor map is available for ES server players, while the Kanis map is accessible for PT server players in the ES/PT region. In the US/EU region, the Kanor map is for US server players, and the Kanis map is for EU server players.

These maps doesn’t allow the use of Movement Rune and Party Member Summon Rune.

These new maps feature the bosses Pandora, Athelstan, Elrik, and Midnight. The respawn time for these bosses needs to be figured out by players, but they offer the same drops as the original bosses. You can find the NPCs for the new maps located in the North of Boltagate, near the FFA NPCs.

The goal for doing this is to start testing certain features that we might apply for the final merge. Following users’ feedback, we heard that some players wanted to keep doing PvP in the same way they were used to, and we believe this new system will let them experiment in this direction.

Known issues:

Minimap doesn’t reflect the correct position

Deleveling Service

We have introduced a new NPC in Boltagate to provide the deleveling service. You still have the option to delevel for free once using the NPC in the Auction House. This service is only available for deleveling from levels 16 to 15, 31 to 30, and 61 to 60.

Skill Changes

In response to player feedback regarding skill issues in PvP, we have made some changes. Please note that we will continue to observe PvP and review your feedback for any further necessary adjustments after the final merge.

  • DayFly Guard is now a tab-only buff

Bug Fixes and Improvements

We have addressed some issues to enhance gameplay stability and fairness.

  • The jewelry stats stacking bug has been resolved.
  • Guild creation is enabled again, but the Guild Warehouse to store items is still disabled due to a discovered bug, but you are still able to remove items.
  • The Double Assistants NPCs have been reintroduced in Boltagate and GM services room.
  • Copper tokens have been added as drops in all maps, remember you need to have less than 10 levels of the monster you are killing to obtain these drops. Please note that they may take some time to obtain.
  • Boltagate had some changes, the Auction boards have been removed and can now be accessed directly from the bottom of your HUD. Additionally, the bank and warehouse NPCs have been relocated to the center of Boltagate, and two new bank and warehouse NPCs have been added in the south of Boltagate, near the GM services NPCs.

We hope these changes and additions will enhance your gameplay experience. We value your feedback, and please remember that we will continue to monitor PvP and player suggestions for future updates. Enjoy your adventures in the game!

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