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Fawkes' Code of Conduct


These are the basic rules of conduct that govern in-game interaction and activities, in any of our digital mediums as the game application, its launcher, communication channels, and any other system used to interact with other players within the Fawkes' umbrella. The lack of responsibility towards these rules, may result in the temporary or even permanent suspension of your account, without any type of refund.

  • The following rules are not all inclusive and other actions may be determined to be abusive by Fawkes
  • The following rules may be changed by Fawkes, without any prior notice
  • While playing our any of games, you are governed by and must be complaint with these rules
  • In case you want to report another player for violating these rules, please submit a ticket with the corresponding evidence
  • This Code of Conduct is governed and overruled by our Terms of Service


Communication and Behavior must be respectful and non-offensive towards other(s) players. When participating in communication of any kind (chat, voice, etc.), you are responsible for how you express yourself. Always keep in mind that whoever is in the other side is also a person.

  • Hate speech and discriminatory language is inappropriate, as is any obscene or disruptive language.
  • Threatening or harassing another player is always unacceptable, regardless of language used
  • Any name the player has the ability to customize—such as player names, pet names, and guild names—must be appropriate and inoffensive
  • Sanctions against this could go from a simple renaming, to permanent account blocks


You must keep your account credentials secure and private, do not share them with anyone. While we might be able to assist in case you lost access to your account, that doesn't ensure we will be able to restore it. The majority of issues arise from a low level of responsibility from the user.

  • While we don't want to block access to anyone, we reserve the right to block any account as we deem necessary to preserve everyone's experience
  • Do not share your account, it will be extremely difficult for us to restore access for a shared account and could end in a permanent block
  • Having several accounts is not an issue, as far as is not abused nor endangers others' experience

Staff Impersonation

Impersonating any Staff member, including volunteers, is completely forbidden, in any of our internal channels or external ones.

  • Do not create characters trying to impersonate staff members or the in-game tags
  • Do not impersonate them via private messages
  • Sanctions could go from simple renaming, to permanent account blocks

Bugs and Game abuse

Abusing bugs or even the game application in any kind or form, is strictly forbidden.
If you come across any bug, your responsibility is to report it.

  • This includes any in-game bug, client modification or the usage of 3rd party software to enhance your gameplay
  • Reporting or discovering a bug will not result in any sanction until it has been used or abused
  • We might also reward players for reporting critical issues together with their reproduction steps
  • Any bug or game abuse could end in temporary or direct permanent account blocks

Trading and Real Money Transactions (RMT)

We don't intervene in trades, landing or agreements between players. Its your responsibility to make sure you trust the counter-party.
Any transaction involving real  money of any kind or value, is strictly forbidden, regardless if you are buying or selling

  • Including but not limited any in-game goods as gear, consumables, etc.
  • Including but not limited to any service as power-leveling
  • Including also accounts or characters
  • Being involved in any kind of real money transaction, regardless of buying or selling, will end in a severe to permanent account blocks

Game Specific Guidelines


  • You are not allowed to do 'stat-padding' defined as the repeated death of a character (usually, but not necessarily, level 1) not fighting back, or using a character of your own in the opposing faction to get kills

Last Chaos

  • You are not allowed to use summoning books near or directly outside of towns or gates, near teleports or entrances, new player zones, inside temples, caves or tombs or with the sole purpose of annoying other players. If you summon a monster, you are required to remove it or find someone who can