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Indie Ops & Studio

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Driven by
Our Core Values

Completely Remote

Designed to be remote, lowering our operational and infrastructure costs, and maximizing our support and results.

Iterate, and quickly

Everything we do is set around our games, giving us the power to deploy content and changes very quickly.

Focus into Simplicity

We prioritize and move based on the simplicity and impact of our efforts, and players' voice is involved in that process.

We Play Games

Understanding players mindset isn't easy if you don't play games. A must-have for everyone at Fawkes.

Community as Heart

We leverage and work with the players in a radical manner. They are the Heart of our games and what we do with them.

By Players, to Players

Sometimes is easier to teach how to work in games than the game secrets itself. The majority of our entry-levels are players. 

Our Speciality?

help with your 🕹️game?

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Get in touch,
we are happy to help.

  • Consultancy; if we don't know, we have a contact
  • Projects; from entire titles to specific needs
  • Platform portings; almost any console
  • Work-for-hire; technical or operational 

Whatever the need, we can find a way.

Our biggest ​strength?
End-to-End Operations.