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Tokens Update Patch

This patch brings several exciting additions, improvements, and bug fixes to the game, making it even more immersive and enjoyable. Here are the details of the latest update:


As previously announced, the Token system has been reintroduced into Shaiya, we understand the importance of farming goodies in the game economy, and players should have a fair chance to obtain items in-game. Token vendors have returned and can now be found on Boltagate. You will encounter vendors offering items for copper, silver, gold, and obsidian tokens.

Please note that all Copper tokens have been wiped with this patch in order to provide a clean experience to everyone.

In the coming weeks, we will gradually enable the ability for players to farm tokens. This incremental approach will allow us to make any necessary adjustments and maintain better control over the system.

In order to prepare for the farm tokens we enabled a restriction that if you have more than 10 levels of difference with the monster you will not get the drop.


The Stadium maps have improvements and can now be accessed conveniently through the “Go to Battleground” button available for each level. We have optimized the performance of the Stadium maps to provide a smoother and more enjoyable PvP experience for all players.

Client Optimizations

We have taken your feedback regarding freezes in the game seriously. In this patch, we have begun implementing measures to mitigate these freezing issues. Our team has worked on client and networking improvements, which should contribute to a more stable and seamless gameplay experience. We remain committed to keeping working on and improving this, so please continue to share your feedback with us in our Discord.

Reset Service & Compensation

As a reminder, the compensation set for EU-based items while resetting their Orange Stats is only applicable for new items. Do not try to reset older pieces looking for earning some extra placeholders – you won’t receive any compensation placeholder.

This applies to all the items that receive Orange Stats services before the end of 2018. If your item Recreations were done manually in the past, there is also nothing that we can do – you will receive no compensation while using the reset service.

Compensations are only available for items recreated using the in-game services.

Bug fixing and improvements

We have resolved various bugs and made improvements across the game. Some notable changes include:

  • Frosty shimmer texture fix for Vails: The issue causing inconsistencies with the frosty shimmer costume on Vails has been rectified, ensuring a visually pleasing experience.
  • Enhanced pet descriptions: We have improved the descriptions for several pets, including Sugar Cookie, Choco Chip, Brownie, Mad Dog, Rocker Mad Dog, and Fashionista Mad Dog. This update will provide clearer information about these companions, helping you make informed decisions.
  • AI boss exploits fix: We were made aware of an exploit related to killing Pandora, one of our challenging AI bosses. Our team has made necessary changes to address this exploit, ensuring a fair and balanced gameplay environment.
  • VFX (Visual Effects) fixes: We have resolved various issues related to visual effects, and we will continue addressing this in the future.
  • Character restoration in game is working again.


  • Recreation Doubler Assistant is missing in Boltagate, it’s been worked on.
  • We encountered some issues with the Guild Bank and the adding items functionality has been removed

IMPORTANT REMINDER: We would like to remind all players that when the final merge of all servers occurs, there will be a complete wipe of Recreation placeholders, old and new ones, in the ES/PT (Spanish/Portuguese) servers, and only old placeholders for EU/US. To avoid losing these valuable items, we strongly urge you to utilize your placeholders and Recreation tokens before the specified date.

Thank you for your continued support and dedication to Shaiya. Stay tuned for more updates and exciting content in the future!

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