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đź’–Valentine’s Day Patchđź’–

Dear Players,

Love is in the air, and so is a brand new patch! Get ready to dive into the Valentine’s Day festivities with a ton of heartwarming content and improvements. Here’s what you can expect:

Valentine’s Day

New Cupid Room Access: Head to Boltagate and speak with the Gate Keeper to access the newly discovered Cupid Room. Prepare for a journey like no other as you delve into the heart of the mischief caused by Cupid’s arrows.

Valentine’s Day Quest: Embark on a quest to assist Aphrodite in undoing the mischievous pranks played by Cupid. Help the affected villagers break free from the love spell and restore peace to the lands.

Valentine’s Day Bosses and Monsters: Face off against Cupid in a multi-phased battle to free him from his corrupted state. Conquer each phase to reveal the true essence of love within Cupid’s heart. Triumph over the challenges, and you may be rewarded with exclusive items such as Qrip, Epic Token Bag, Legendary Token Bag, GM Recreation, GM Recreation Doubler, and GM HP/MP/SP.

  • Bosses, monsters, and chest can be found in Proelium, Cantabilian, Deep Desert and D-Water, those drop the items for the quest
  • You can also drop the Arrows requested in quest on all monsters from Willieoseu, Keuraijen, Adellia, Adeurian, Valdemar Regnum, and Palaion Regnum, but keep in mind you need to have less than 10 levels of difference with the monster you are killing.

Valentine’s Day Permanent Rewards: Complete the quest to earn permanent rewards that will remind you of the love-filled adventures you undertook. Additionally, discover a new mystery box farmable within the quest, containing surprises and goodies to make your Valentine’s Day extra special.

in all stats +5 This pet will automatically collect items and gold for you.

*Reported issue, the in-game description it says +10 in all stats, will be fixed on a future patch.

New pet for Sales

All stats +10. Scaled reconstruction. 3 Reconstruction stats. Increase critical damage +30%.

Bugs and Improvements

  • Versus Mode Enabled: Get ready for intense battles as Versus mode makes its debut! However, the trade option is removed.
  • Elemental Weapons Update: all epic elemental weapons level 80 now have a fixed increase of 220 BASE attack damage. No new types of pre-elemental weapons level 80 will NOT be added.
  • Inventory Cleanup: Old event items used in Quest and Chaotic Squared are being removed to declutter our database and your inventories. Time to make space for new adventures!
  • Item Fixes: We’ve squashed bugs related to item names and descriptions.
  • Localization Update: The Auction Board now has proper localization for German, French, and Italian languages.

Note: The Christmas Patch ended to make way for the love-filled Valentine’s Day content.

Get ready to spread love and joy in the world of Teos this Valentine’s Day! Dive into the patch and make this celebration memorable.

Happy gaming, and may your adventures be filled with love and loot!

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