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Unleash Elemental Power in Fourfold Depths!

Exciting news has just washed ashore with the arrival of Captain Sable Thorn and his intrepid crew. They regale us with tales of their latest discovery, a treacherous but alluring realm known as the Fourfold Depths—a network of mysterious caves teeming with potent elemental energy.

Sandstone Secrets

Before you can dive into the Fourfold Depths and their elemental secrets, you must begin your journey at the harbor of each faction of Stable Erde. There, you will need to find Captain Sable Thorn, the one who will set you on your quest.

Captain Sable Thorn and his crew have already unearthed a path leading to one of these hidden sanctuaries, aptly named “Sandstone Secrets.” They stumbled upon an alchemist’s dream in this cavern, for these caves house incredible elemental treasures. Our alchemist experts have confirmed the existence of items that allow you to imbue weapons with the power of the elements!

🌬️ Sandstone Secrets Cave is your gateway to the Wind element. Inside, you’ll confront Zephyrion the Tempest King, and his fleet of tempestuous Sylphara the Gale Seductresses. It’s here that you can embark on a quest to obtain the precious items needed to craft formidable Wind-based weapons.

Seek out the alchemist within Sandstone Secrets to embark on this thrilling journey!

Sailing into the Unknown

While Sandstone Secrets beckons with its Windy wonders, other caves within the Fourfold Depths harbor their own elemental secrets. The crew of Captain Sable Thorn is actively seeking passages to the remaining sanctuaries, including:

🌍 Faerie FernHome to Gaiarok the Earthshaker and the enigmatic Terramora the Quake Enchantress.

🔥 Ruins of the Vanished – Ruled by Ignaroth the Inferno Lord and watched over by Pyralicia the Flame Temptress.

🌊 Frozen Arboreal – Where Neptidon the Tsunami Tyrant reigns, alongside Nautilusia the Deep Sea Temptress.

All elemental creatures within these caves have a secret of their own—a very low drop chance of granting Epic Elemental Weapon Tokens. These valuable tokens can be used at Boltagate to exchange for one of the highly coveted Elemental Weapons, level 80, of your choice. A rare opportunity to wield unparalleled power.

These caves are tantalizingly out of reach for now but rest assured, future updates will unveil the paths to these elemental domains. Prepare to face new challenges, discover unique creatures, and unlock hidden secrets.

No Safe Zones in Fourfold Depths!

A word of caution, dear adventurers: Fourfold Depths is perilous. You must contend with the elemental forces within and the ever-present danger of opposing factions. Rival adventurers can invade bases, and players can meet their end at the hands of their rivals. Beware of these treacherous waters!

For now, the intrepid-only Sandstone Secrets Cave is open for exploration. Venture forth, brave warriors, and uncover the elemental treasures that await. Prepare to forge mighty Wind weapons and master the art of Wind-based combat.

Your journey into the Fourfold Depths is about to begin. Are you ready to wield the power of the elements and face the challenges that lie ahead? Set sail, explore, and conquer, for Stable Erde’s destiny is in your hands! ⚔️🌪️🔥💧

Epic Elemental Weapon(s) level 80

Other Changes

  • Faction Distribution: Now, players can see the population distribution on their current map, giving you valuable insights for strategizing and decision-making.
  • Tranquility Skill: The Tranquility skill’s percentage of regeneration has been slightly lowered, aiming to create a more balanced and engaging experience.
  • Faction Change from Light to Fury is now closed.

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