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A Unified Future – Orange Stats

Hello everyone,

we recently published some news, aiming to disclose our plans for the game, unifying all the regions into a single server, opening many opportunities, and drastically improving the experience for everyone. From a much healthier economy due to mixed archetypes of users, to easier game balance or content.

Doing this with the Orange Stats, will allow us to put everyone on the same playing field, with the same type of Orange Stats and opportunities. This is a monstrous challenge that we are taking on, but we believe it is necessary for the future of the game.

Without a doubt, the most brought topic was the harmonization of Orange Stats, for which we are creating this standalone news to bring some extra light to everyone.

In the previous news, we published the following table:

1Recreation RunesAllows to get an attribute up to 44, together with some other smaller stat points in the rest of the attributes. Its current functionality won’t change.✅Easy
2Premium Recreation RunesAllows to get an attribute up to 88, together with some other smaller to medium stat points in the rest of the attributes. Its current functionality won’t change.✅Medium
3Max OJ (US)Recreation GMAllows upgrading to 40/44/50 stat points for any attribute, in any piece of gear such as accessories (40), armor (44), or weapons (50), can’t be applied in costumes.✅Hard
4OJ Doubler (US)Recreation DoublerAllows to double the stat points for any attribute (no HP/MP/SP), in any piece of gear such as weapons, armor, or accessories (can’t be applied in costumes).

Can only be applied to a single attribute achieved using steps 1 to 3.
5Ultra Stat Beta (EU)Recreation BoostAllows to add +10 stat points to any attribute (no HP/MP/SP) achieved from steps 1 to 4, with a maximum of 99 stat points. Can only be used once per piece.❌Shop
6Ultra Stat Alpha (EU)Recreation MaxAllows to add +25 stat points to any attribute (no HP/MP/SP) achieved from steps 1 to 5, with a maximum of 99 stat points. Can only be used once per piece.❌Shop
0Max Stat (EU)Recreation HP/MP/SPAllows to add HP/MP/SP to any piece of gear such as weapons, armor, or accessories (can’t be applied in costumes). Can’t be applied to items recreated via steps 5 to 6.✅Super-hard
Recreation Reset (EU)Recreation ResetAllows to remove all the recreations in a given piece, allowing the player to recreate it again with a different combination.✅Free
OJ Exchanger (ES/PT)Recreation ExchangeAllows changing the Orange Stats points from one attribute to another in any piece of gear such as weapons, armor, or accessories. Can be applied in costumes.❌Shop
This table is a representative example of level 80 characters. For lower levels, those numbers will be smaller as they currently are.

What does it mean for a clean item?

The table is representative of a single new item, without any other Orange stat applied to it. In order to achieve the maximum Orange Stats available, you will need to go over all the steps:

  1. You will start recreating it using Recreation Runes, which you will be able to farm in-game, trying to reach the highest stats possible, especially in your main stat, for example, STR, DEX or LUC
  2. Once achieved, you would aim to get the rest of your stats to +40/44/50 (depending on the type of gear), by using the new Recreation GM, which you will also be able to farm
  3. At this point, once you achieved all your stats, you would use a Recreation Doubler, aiming to have one of your stats doubled to +80/88/98, which, with a significant effort, you will also be able to farm

By this point, and by solely farming, you should be able to achieve ~87% of the maximum stats available for a single piece of gear.

If you want to achieve the other ~13% to be completely maxed out, things will get slightly more difficult.

For doing so, you will need to obtain a Recreation Boost and a Recreation Max, to obtain the missing 35 (or ~13%) Orange Stats that you can apply to a single item.

Those are available only via the in-game store, but worry not – they will also be tradeable, so everyone will have fair a chance.

Health, Mana, Stamina?

In case you want to go with HP/MP/SP, you can do so using a Recreation HP/MP/SP, but you can’t combine it with Recreation Boost or Max – you can do it with GM or doubler!

Changing your build?

You can reset all your Orange Stats with a Recreation Reset, or you can also even Exchange some of those Orange Stats without having to remove all of them!

What about OLD maxed-out items?

For a better understanding of this, we would need to approach it region by region:

If you are already maxed out, you would start with your item on step 4 from the above table, having 3 stats at +40/44/50 (depending on the type of gear), and a doubled one at +80/88/98.

Your next step would be to decide if you want to apply a Recreation Boost (+10), and a Recreation Max (+25) to different stats, or if you want to apply Recreation HP/MP/SP, since can’t be combined with the others.

With that, your piece will be again maxed out.
In the EU items case, you will need to, depending on the Orange Stats you achieved using Recreation Runes, use only 1-2 Recreation GM and maybe a doubler.

With that, your piece of gear will be already maxed out (or very close to). We expect some EU-based items to face a small disparity (~ -10%) in total stats compared to a maxed-out item from US or ES/PT.

This is coming from the fact that EU-based items are starting with Recreation Runes, and there is no rule attached to them.

Worry not, we will be monitoring the situation once the US and EU merge happens, and apply the most convenient solution to make sure EU players can achieve the same maxed-out status with their old gear.
In ES and PT, you can only increase your Orange Stats by using Recreation Runes. There is no other way.

You will have to catch up with the other territories, starting with step 3 from the table.

You will have to use the Recreation GM, Recreation Doubler, Boost, and Max.

During the next months, we will special discounts and events in those regions, allowing everyone to cut the gap compared to the other regions.

To put it in a different way:

Into the specifics:

  • US players will have to achieve ~13% more stat points using the new system
  • EU players will have to achieve ~20% more stat points using the new system, however, they will only be able to achieve a ~10% right after the first initial interaction with the new Orange Stat system. Worry not, the missing ~10% will be obtainable shortly after, once we manage to analyze the situation and come up with the final solution for this difference
  • ES/PT players, due to their minimal Orange Stats systems in place, will start with a higher difference compared to the other 2 territories, making it impossible to catch up by themselves, before the final unification. To short this difference, we will be running, until the final unification, special discounts and events to help users to catch up

Overall Strategy and Guidelines

This might sound slightly confusing at first and will require some days and little effort from everyone to adapt to the new harmonized system, which is a necessary measure towards the final unification, which will ultimately only help the game, the community, and all around it.

To have some final notes, and to be totally clear and transparent with everyone, everything we are doing with the Orange Stats harmonization is governed by the following guidelines:

  • Everyone will have to do some effort, nobody will be maxed out straight from their current status to the new max. Depending on their region, the effort is bigger (ES/PT) or smaller (US/EU)
  • Nobody will have their current or future stats being cut-down. We aim to respect everyone’s stats and allow everyone to carry over their old sets into the new system
  • We will be here all time, as we are right now, and will take the necessary measures for EVERYONE to be on the same playing field

If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to get in direct contact with us over Discord.

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