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Echoes of the Void: Unraveling the Energy’s Source Patch

We are excited to announce the latest patch that introduces new content and improvements.

Improvements and Bug Fixes

  • Fleet Foot Changes Fixed
  • Reduced Old Willow’s Life and Stats
  • Adjusted GRB Monster Levels and Locations In GRB zone +31 we adjusted monster levels now set at 40, 50, 60, and 75. Their strength increases as you traverse through the realm, offering an escalating challenge.
  • Dentatus Power Alignment is now at level 85, aligning it with the other elemental bosses.
  • New Lapis Discover the all-new Dual Safe Lapis Lv6 (REC 30 + WIS 25) and Dual Mystic Lapis Lv6 (WIS 30 + INT 25) dropped alongside other Dual Lv6 Lapis.
  • Kanos has Canyon of Greed Drops

Echoes of the Void: Unraveling the Energy’s Source

The unstoppable tide of the Void sweeps across the land, wreaking havoc and chaos in its wake.

But the challenges do not end there. Mysterious temporal anomalies ripple through different regions, plunging some into the depths of the past while others succumb to the ravages of this dark energy. Even the mighty Tyros robots have been forced to seek refuge in the enigmatic Infinite Sanctuary, a realm untouched by the encroaching darkness.

Fear not, for a guiding light emerges. Seek out Kaelara in Boltagate Keep, and together, unravel the enigma that threatens to consume our world. In the coming weeks and months, new void masters will join the cause, investigating these seismic shifts that echo through our realm.

Already, our diligent void masters have uncovered crucial information:

  • The Stable Erde Portals have fallen silent
  • Chaos Relic in Canyon Greed has met its end. To access Opalus Territory, Fury warriors must now triumph over Falanos Relic, while those aligned with the Light must conquer Veranos Relic.
  • The hourly invasions of Tyros robots have ended. They have retreated to the Infinite Sanctuary, a bastion where the taint of void energy holds no sway.

We hope these changes and improvements will enhance your experience and provide new challenges and rewards for your guild battles. Enjoy the patch, and happy gaming!

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