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🐇Easter Patch: Help the Easter Bunny!

Calling All Shaiya Adventurers!

We need your bravery, your skill, and your unwavering determination! The Easter Bunny, our beloved symbol of joy and celebration, has fallen into the clutches of darkness, kidnapped by the nefarious Bogeyman. But fear not, for we stand ready to embark on a quest of epic proportions, and we need YOU to join us!

Immerse yourself in the festive atmosphere of Boltagate as we celebrate Easter with vibrant decorations and joyous revelry.

Join forces with the dedicated employees of the Easter Bunny and set forth to Boltagate, where the first steps of our heroic journey await. The fate of Easter hangs in the balance, and it’s up to us to restore light to the realm by rescuing our beloved mascot.

Craft the Shadow Key: Venture into the heart of danger as you seek out the Fragments of the Shadow Key. These elusive pieces can be found through quests and by facing off against the Bogeyman himself. Once assembled, unlock the portal to the Bogeyman’s Shelter of Shadows, hidden deep within the Desert Spa oasis.

Bogeyman’s Shelter of Shadows
Shadow Key Fragment
Shadow Key

Remember, teamwork is paramount, and every member of your party must wield the Shadow Key to gain entry, and it needed to be on a party between 5 to 30 members.

Steel yourselves for heart-pounding encounters as you confront the Mad Worker Rabbits in the perilous Spa Maps. It’s time to showcase your prowess in combat and aid in restoring peace to Easter by quelling these formidable foes.

Aid Easter Rabbit’s allies in liberating him from captivity and collect Golden Carrots along the way. With enough Golden Carrots at your disposal, you’ll unlock The Big Carrot Mount, which is instant casting and superfast, granting you unmatched speed as you traverse the realm of Teos.

Gather Carrots from any monster in PvE maps, Willieoseu, Keuraijen, Adellia, Adeurian, Skulleron, Astenes, Valdemar Regnum, Palaion Regnum, Pantanasa, and Theodore, and trade them with the Easter Bunny helpers for the Golden Carrot.

Festive Bunny Costume

Enhance your style with the new Festive Bunny Costume, available for purchase. This charming outfit provides a boost of +20 to all stats, ensuring you look and feel your best this Easter season.

Other Improvements

  • Pre Elemental Priest / Oracle Dagger has 85 REC as a base stat
  • Increased Guild Emblem drops in Guild Ranking Battle
  • Increased Guild Emblem on PvP Quest Rewards
  • Guild Emblems are now available in the Copper Token Shop
  • Added Crest of Rectitude, Crest of Deceit and Chaos Plate Fragment as map drop in Kanos

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