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Halloween Patch πŸŽƒ Enchanted Hollow!

Greetings, courageous heroes of Shaiya! The chilling winds of Halloween have swept through the world of Shaiya, bringing with them an exciting Halloween Patch. Lady Elara from Enchanted Hollow calls upon you for a perilous quest to retrieve the elusive Phantom Gemstone before it lands in the wrong hands. Team up with Thalara, Elyndor, Elaria, and Thorne to preserve the mystical balance of Enchanted Hollow.

You will encounter the Gate Keepers in Boltagate Keep, who stand ready to guide you into this mystical realm. These are PvE maps separated by faction, and for each level range, at the end of the map, you will find the Pumpkin King Boss with high-value drops.

Embark on your perilous journey through Enchanted Hollow, and earn token bags and Pumpkin Candy. These precious resources are the key to crafting Halloween-themed vanity items, such as wings, costumes, and pets! You have approximately one month to gather all the required items to craft your preferred Halloween vanity before the event draws to a close.

New Halloween Wings
This will not be available on quest or chaotic square

Bloodborne Bone Wings Lv.1 (+7 on all stats)
Bloodborne Bone Wings Lv.61 (+15 on all stats)
Crimson Skeletal Wings Lv.1 (+10 on m.def and p.def)
Crimson Skeletal Wings Lv.61 (+150 on m.def and p.def)


Updated Bosses: The fearsome Cloron Dragon, Fantasma Dragon, and Cryptic One Dragon have undergone a transformation. They now boast updated life and stats, and they’ve added some impressive drops, including GM Recreation, Doublers, HP/MP/SP, and GM Recreation Bags.

Eteo Cheese Stacking: Say goodbye to inventory clutter! Both tradeable and non-tradeable Eteo Cheeses can now stack up to 255.

Faster Wind Cave Spawns: We’ve heard your feedback about the Wind Cave monsters taking too long to appear. Rest assured, we’ve reduced the spawn time to get you into action faster.

Quest Fix: The quest “Blood Alchemy” has been fixed to require the precise amount of Elemental Blood, set at the originally intended 100 units.

Elemental Dagger Stats: We’ve addressed issues with the new Elemental Daggers to ensure they have the correct stats for priests, oracles, mages, and pagans, including WIS, INT, and REC.

Halloween Loading Screen Winner

We’re thrilled to announce the champion of our Halloween Loading Screen Contest, Mauri! Their artwork is now prominently featured in the Loading Screen rotation during the event, adding a spooky atmosphere to your Shaiya experience.

Auction Board Closure

The Auction Board will temporarily cease to accept new item listings. However, rest assured, you can still retrieve your items and gold. This temporary closure is necessary for improvements, and the Auction Board will return in a few weeks.

πŸŽƒ Get ready to embark on your quest in the mysterious realm of Enchanted Hollow, claim your Halloween vanity, and immerse yourself in the eerie atmosphere of the season. This event promises to be a spellbinding journey filled with surprises, treasures, and unforgettable memories. So, assemble your allies, gear up, and make this Halloween season in Shaiya truly unforgettable!

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