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Last Chaos Opening

Attention all Last Chaos players!

We’re thrilled to announce that the wait is finally over! Last Chaos is now open and ready for you to jump in and embark on your epic adventure.

Download the client in your language

You can download the language client of your choice from the Fawkes Hub, including English for US/UK, German for DE, French for FR, Spanish for ES, Italian for IT, and Polish for PL. We want to make sure you can enjoy the game in the language that’s most comfortable for you. All the clients will be able to connect to both regions.

Server Merge

We’ve also made some exciting changes to our server distribution to ensure that your gaming experience is the best it can be.

For players in the US, Horizon will merge Tethys and Eurybia to provide you with even more thrilling gameplay. On the EU1 server, Osiris, you’ll find Hyperion, Valtopia, Nyx, Ciraya, Orythia, Helios, and Eileithyia, while EU2’s Pandora includes Antiope, Demeter, Hecate, Ceres, and Lelantos.

If you had several characters, on different servers, you will receive a code in your Gift store section. You will need to follow the same migration process with a different account to migrate them.

Do not redeem that code, otherwise, we won’t be able to help you recover it.

Character, Pets, and Guild names

Everyone will receive an appropriate amount of name-changing items for their characters, pets, and guild. Make sure you choose wisely since those are limited. They will be in the Gift store section. Pay attention to not mix them with the code.

Known issues

  • Fawkes Gems won’t be available
  • You will need to reset your password on the accounts page to be able to log into the game
  • As with how the game was, you might experience disconnections


:fawkes: Fawkes’ Team

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